Why diplomas

Transparency International, an international non-governmental organization whose purpose is to combat corruption names education as 1 of his 12 main topics of interest, since education is a fundamental human right and a major driver of human and economic development. School strengthens personal integrity and shapes the societies we live in. Since education typically comprises 20-30 per cent of a country’s budget, it is critically prone to corruption, from national education ministries to local schools and universities. In countries where corruption is high, one of the main problems for universities is the authenticity of the diplomas. Since the emission of these diplomas is highly centralized the persons handling them might become vulnerable to corruption and to end up creating false diplomas beside the real ones. Also, in our days where Photoshop or other image editing tools are largely democratized diplomas became more falsified. There are dozens of online businesses providing FDAAS (fake diplomas as a service), a comprehensive study can be found on priceonomics.

Purpose of the project.

Our project's purpose is to allow universities from all over the world to certify the diplomas of their graduates through a blockchain, a public distributed database. Our platform serves: